Executive MBA in Dubai Scholarships for International Undergraduate Students

DEADLINE: April 22, 2018.
Edulantern.com - If you are interested in MBA Scholarship and also Dubai Scholarships, you should read this information. The Cass Executive MBA in Dubai is designed to meet the needs of business executives in the Middle East and surrounding regions. It forms part of a Cass Executive MBA offering that ranks amongst the world's elite.

The Cass Executive MBA in Dubai is a two-year course delivered in a monthly block weekend format (Thursday - Sunday 09:00-17:00) to accommodate busy working professionals from the region. As such, it enables you to work and study at the same time, so you can add to your qualifications without stepping back from the business world.

Cass is committed to attracting and supporting the best students, regardless of financial status, to gain access to its unique business environment. Scholarships are highly competitive and reflect our insistence that only the best need apply.

Executive MBA in Dubai Scholarships for International Undergraduate Students

A scholarship covers up to AED45,000, the scholarship will be deducted from the second fee instalment.

Selection Criteria:
Committee's decisions are based on the following criteria:
1. Significant achievements, both in the workplace and outside
2. Professional experience and proficiency
3. Academic ability
4. Potential to fulfil leadership promise
5. Likelihood of adding value to MBA cohort
6. Strong set of attributes and ideals, similar to the vision set out by Cass Business School.

Required Documents:
1. A completed online application form
2. Personal statement (1200 words)
3. Two completed reference forms from suitable sources. Two professional references are acceptable
4. Your degree certificate(s) and, for non-UK degrees, your degree transcript or confirmation of your professional qualification (e.g. CIMA, ACCA)
5. Your IELTS or TOEFL score, if English is not your native language. This requirement may be waived if you have studied or worked in an English-speaking country for at least a year
6. Application fee.

How to Apply Executive MBA in Dubai Scholarships:
Please submit your scholarship application by the deadline specified, together with a complete Executive MBA application and required documents. Candidates are welcome to apply for more than one scholarship, but please note that only one scholarship will be awarded per candidate.

Online Application

Dr Kevin Dunseath
+9714 401 9318
Email: dubaiemba@city.ac.uk
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