Young Water Fellowship Program for Young Leaders (Fully Funded)

Deadline: May 16, 2018. - The Young Water Fellowship Program aims to empower young leaders from low and middle income countries to implement projects to tackle water, sanitation & hygiene (WASH), water pollution and water scarcity issues, by offering them an intensive training program, seed funding grants for their projects, and mentoring support by senior level experts during one year.

The Young Water Fellowship Program 2018 will focus on social entrepreneurship. Young people with social businesses ideas (or projects that can be turned into social businesses) that address water-related issues are welcome to apply.

Young Water Fellowship Program: Fully Funded Intensive Training Program for Young Leaders

Young Water Fellowship Program for Young Leaders from Low - Middle Income Countries
Young Water Fellowship Program for Young Leaders from Low - Middle Income Countries
The Young Water Solutions provides all training costs including flights, transportation in Europe, accommodation, meals, but participants must cover their visa expenses and transport costs to the closest international airport in their country of residency.

Participants will have opportunities to receive seed-funding (up to €5000) for the first stages of their social enterprise.
Eligibility Criteria:
1. Be 18 to 30 years old at the time of the application.

2. Be the founder or co-founder of an initiative that contributes to the solution of a well-defined water problem in your country. The initiative should be in its initial stages and have the ability to be turned into a social enterprise (i.e have a long-term sustainability component or business model).

The proposed initiative should directly contribute to solving at least one of the following issues,
in line with SDG 6:
- Lack of safe drinking water supply
- Lack of adequate sanitation facilities and lack of hygiene
- Water pollution
- Water scarcity
- Solid Waste management
- Wastewater management
- Other water management issues

3. Be a resident from low and middle income countries.

4. Have a valid passport and be available to attend a workshop in Europe from August 13th to September 14th 2018.

5. Have at least an intermediate knowledge of English and able to understand and express opinions in this language (the workshop will be held in English).

Selection Criteria:
1. Relevance and impact of the solution proposed to a demonstrated water-related
2. The innovative nature of the idea and its potential to become a social enterprise.
3. The inclusive and participatory nature of the initiative: for instance, women and youth engagement, consideration of vulnerable groups’ needs, etc.
4. Initiative’s inclusion of water nexus: relations with other local issues such as energy, food security, youth unemployment, gender, etc.
5. Feasibility and sustainability of the initiative (existence of self-sustaining mechanisms)
6. Leadership and personal growth potential of the candidate

Required Documents:
1. Video Submission
You should create a 2-minute video (maximum) describing the water issue and the proposed initiative in English. The video should be uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox, Google Drive or any other platform, and its link is to be
shared in the application form or sent by email to
2. Application form
3. A short Curriculum Vitae (CV)
4. A reference letter

How to Apply:
To apply Young Water Fellowship Program 2018, you must fill in an application form answering questions about the initiative and about your own background.

In the exceptional case that you can’t fill in the form online, you can submit your proposal, video or supporting documents (cv, reference letter) by email to However, the committee strongly prefer that you fill in the online form.

All applicants will be notified of the results by the end of May.


Online Application 

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