Global Youth Leadership Summit 2020 Italy

Deadline: 10 February 2020 - Global Youth Leadership Summit 2020 will be held in Naples Italy on 27th and 28th April, 2020 on the occasion of that summit  Global Youth Parliament  will go to reward “Global Youth Leadership Award 2020”, to those who contributes, acknowledges and celebrates outstanding contribution in the sector of youth leadership, entrepreneurship, tourism, peace, SDGs and Democracy.

For the last few years, Global Youth Parliament has been honoring dynamic personalities from diverse fields with awards. The Award has been given to the individuals that have contributed immensely in their respective countries and societies politically, socially or economically. With a strict set of rules and guidelines, GYP declares the awardees after receiving recommendations from the selection committee. It is the world’s premier award and the award is presented to them in award session of “Global Youth Leadership Summit 2020” on 26th April.

Global Youth Leadership Summit 2020 is the platform for young leaders around the world to learn and share about the best practices through mutual learning on initiatives and ideas of advocacy tools to achieve sustainable development goals from the youth perspective and encourage youth to lobby them in their own respective governments.

Global Youth Leadership Summit 2020 Italy 

Global Youth Leadership Summit 2020 Italy
Global Youth Leadership Summit 2020 Italy

1. Inspiring individuals from around the world and recognizing their contribution that has added value to the creative endeavors in serving humanity.
2. Creating a common platform to empower the youth network within the World.
3. Motivating young people to be good leaders in their respective countries.

1. The nominee must have been engaged in any entrepreneurship and social work.
2. The nominee must be a confirmed delegate of “Global Youth Leadership Summit 2020”.
3. Have ideas for new projects and initiatives in addition to those who are already leading them.
4. Have interest in the facilitation of debate and development of resolutions on the best way forward to achieve SDGs and a commitment to act.
5. The nominee must have a strong commitment and determination to work with Global Youth Parliament in the future.

To Apply Global Youth Leadership Summit 2020, applicants must fill in the online application form.

An autonomous selection committee formed by Global Youth Parliament decides the awardees based upon the application and by also conducting its own external research and recommendations.
The award committee decision is taken as the final decision for the selection.

Phone Numbers: 977-9851090241, 977-014436040

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